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wood flooring installation

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/04/10

Free installation guide when you are ready for your wood flooring installation.
Here are somethings you should do first before your wood installation stack the floors indoors for a few days to allow the time to adjust to your home's humidity level.  Make sure after you have removed your old flooring & depending on what you have removed that there are no glue or thin set or dirt & dust left on your floor and it is cleaned & ready for your wood flooring installation .
If you are installing engineered floor over concrete you can use the the glue down application.
For floating application you can glue the the tongue & groove together, It is very important that you check for moister content of your floor if you are gluing down your wood floor it is always a good idea to use a moister barrier to protect your new wood floors you can use a vinyl floor for moister barrier or for easy application you can use roll on moister barrier on your concrete or you can use an adhesive that has moister protection in it, make sure it complies with the wood manufacturer warranty guide lines.
 If you are planning to float your floors its recommended you float the wood over a foam & film to protect it from moister & it will also help with sound & warmth.
If your planning to install solid floor over concrete you must first put a moister barrier & install ply wood over your concrete so you can nail down your solid floor.
Now that you have done all your preparation you are ready to install your wood floors.
Decide which direction you want to lay your floors & then  you can drop a chock line in the middle of the room & work toward the walls depending on your manufacturer & their recommendation make sure you leave enough space for the the wood expansions.
For your safety always wear eye protection when you are cutting your wood & remember measure twice & cut once.
Make sure you when you install your floor you stagger the pieces for looks & stability
once you are done with your installation you are now ready to install your moldings & trimming.
for more information visit our web site urbanhomedesignllc.com you can also order material & use our room decorator under resource page as well as our project calculator to help you with your project budget.

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