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How to estimate for your Carpet & Flooring with our free flooring calculator

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/25/10

The first thing you want to do after deciding on changing your carpet & flooring  in your home you need to decide on a budget for your project.
for most clients they will call various dealers to come to their home & give them an estimate.
Some dealers will measure for free & some will charge for this service.
flooring contractors  have different ways of measuring your flooring some will add too much waist & some will add too little waist, if you are lucky you will find a professional flooring contractor who knows exactly what he is doing.
for the flooring contractor who over estimates on your measurement that will mean you are spending more than you should, & for the contractor who under measures for your flooring it will mean more money to be spent once the contract is signed but most importantly it will mean delay on the job since they have to stop an order more products to finish your job.
Urban home design llc wants to give you assistance on your flooring measurement with out feeling pressure to buy any thing or having to pay for an estimate, so you can figure out what your budget is going to be.
simply click  here on flooring calculator and you can start your journey with out any pressure hassles or fees.
if you are not able to go to that page log into urbanhomedesignllc.com & go to our project calculator.
Measure each room in feet & inches & don't forget to put in how much per square feet you would like to spend & our calculator will estimate your total square feet & total cost.
This will also help you in your purchase since now you know exactly how money square feet & how much money you want to spend.
for free estimate and other decorating ideas visit our web site & go to our shop at home page .
we will measure your home room by room & walk you through our measurement so you know exactly what you are paying for.
you can also use our virtual decorator to help you with designs & color choices.
Don't forget to visit our weekly special page for coupons & rebates as well as products on sale.

Best Wishes.
Urban Home Design llc.

Free virtual decorator for flooring and decorating ideas.

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/25/10

Now that you have decided to change your flooring in your home you have to decide on the type of carpet & flooring you want to install.
for most people they go through decorating magazine & for others they start by getting  samples from various dealers & bring them back home to see what style & colors works.
these are all great ideas but we at Urban Home Design llc.like to give you a head start with our virtual decorator.
before you start visiting various dealers you can start here by having access to our virtual decorator for free.
You can change room seen as well as the paint color on the walls but most importantly you can choose from many different types of flooring & color to give you an idea which direction you want to go to.
for more information & decorating tips you can go to our web site & go to our contact us page & send us an email or call our company for more help.

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Urban Home Design llc.


by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/05/10


For most of us who own a house today and are in need of some minor or maybe a major remodel it's a very scary time to think about fixing up our home.

With the unemployment on the rise and big companies down sizing, is it really a good idea to spend any money on our home.

Some believe we should keep our money in the bank & live with the problems we have and hope things will get better.

It seems that's the general consensus and it sounds like a smart  idea & if we all pray real hard hopefully the government will bail us out of this trouble. But wait isn't the government the same people who help get us in this mess to begin with, and if they were so smart why are we in this mess in the first place.

These are the same people who looked the other way when all these banks & Wall Street giants made up their own rules and when they got caught they simply ask for more money & guess what they got it.

Your probably wondering what the heck dose all this have anything to do with me fixing up my home, after all you are not hearing anything you already don't know so what's the solution.

The good news is the future has always been up to us & the government can't fix all of our problems alone, we all have to chip in and make a better economy and future for all of us.

There has been no better time to fix up our homes and save a lot of money than today every body from the manufacturers who produces materials to the stores who carry the product to the contractor who dose the work are bending over back ward to earn your business.

They will all take a much lower margin to earn your business, specially the small business owner sometimes the difference between staying in business and closing the door is couple of jobs.

So how dose fixing up your home  make a difference in the economy and save you a lot of money.

It's  like throwing a rock in the middle of the lake and the splash will create a ripple that goes out in all directions, so you are the rock and the lake is the economy and the ripple is how you change our current economy to a much better one.

With every purchase you make you will literally put hundreds of people to work from people who produce the product  to the ones who package it to the people who ships it to the ones who sales it & finally the contractor who  installs it so really its a win win situation.

So the answer to your question is  a big yes today is the best time to remodel your home!

 the truth of the matter is you can dictate your own terms with these stores and get a great deal.

The trick is to deal with small family owned companies they are just like the rest of us & they really need the business.

Please remember the job you save today can save your job tomorrow!

Best Wishes,

Urban home design llc,


How to clean your carpet

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/04/10

Carpet Stain Removal

Treatment of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery. The more time that elapses before
treatment, the more difficult a stain will be to remove.

First scrape the food spill gently with a spoon or dull knife, removing as much as possible.

Always work from outer edge of the stain towards the center to avoid spreading. Blot, do not rub or scrub, as the carpet may fuzz.

When using a mild detergent, use a clear, non-bleach laundry detergent. Do not use cloudy detergents as they can
leave a sticky residue. Use only 1/4 teaspoon of detergent to 32 ounces of water. Follow detergent cleaning with clear water
rinsing and then blot dry as much as possible.

For any stain removal, use a white cloth or paper towel for cleanup
For all other floor cleaning help go to our General floor care page.

Best Wishes,
Urban Home Design llc,

wood flooring installation

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/04/10

Free installation guide when you are ready for your wood flooring installation.
Here are somethings you should do first before your wood installation stack the floors indoors for a few days to allow the time to adjust to your home's humidity level.  Make sure after you have removed your old flooring & depending on what you have removed that there are no glue or thin set or dirt & dust left on your floor and it is cleaned & ready for your wood flooring installation .
If you are installing engineered floor over concrete you can use the the glue down application.
For floating application you can glue the the tongue & groove together, It is very important that you check for moister content of your floor if you are gluing down your wood floor it is always a good idea to use a moister barrier to protect your new wood floors you can use a vinyl floor for moister barrier or for easy application you can use roll on moister barrier on your concrete or you can use an adhesive that has moister protection in it, make sure it complies with the wood manufacturer warranty guide lines.
 If you are planning to float your floors its recommended you float the wood over a foam & film to protect it from moister & it will also help with sound & warmth.
If your planning to install solid floor over concrete you must first put a moister barrier & install ply wood over your concrete so you can nail down your solid floor.
Now that you have done all your preparation you are ready to install your wood floors.
Decide which direction you want to lay your floors & then  you can drop a chock line in the middle of the room & work toward the walls depending on your manufacturer & their recommendation make sure you leave enough space for the the wood expansions.
For your safety always wear eye protection when you are cutting your wood & remember measure twice & cut once.
Make sure you when you install your floor you stagger the pieces for looks & stability
once you are done with your installation you are now ready to install your moldings & trimming.
for more information visit our web site urbanhomedesignllc.com you can also order material & use our room decorator under resource page as well as our project calculator to help you with your project budget.

Best Wishes,
Urban Home Design llc. 

"shaw carpets"

by Urban Home Design llc. on 02/04/10

When you are Ready to purchase your new carpet for your home there is no better or bigger company than "shaw carpets". under the shaw  industry umbrella they own many different manufacturing division & depending on the style & price we can help you find the right product for your home.
For almost 20 years we have been in the home improvement industry & we are an aligned "shaw carpets" dealer.When it comes to style color & selection we carry a large selection from "shaw carpets".you can start by going to our web site and use our project calculator to figure out the amount of square feet you will need for your project, you can also put a dollar amount you want to spend & this calculator will calculate your spending .
Now you can go to shaw website and look at different  "shaw carpets" that are available  www.shawfloors.com ,now you are ready for the next step simply contact our office to have an in house free consultation or visit our show room to look at the different product that is available from "shaw carpets".
There have been no better time to take advantage of all the sale & promotion we are having from "shaw carpets".

Best Wishes,
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